ai: applied


Bespoke AI solutions – developed with our clients specifically for Financial institutions 


From strategic consulting through to data studies and deployment, we work with clients, end to end, to deliver an AI capability across multiple areas of their business

AI Advisory

AI Analysis

AI Suite

AI In Customer Service

In-depth expertise and knowledge applied to your AI strategy and deployments. 

Senior Project and Program managers, business analysts focused on Financial Markets.

Powered by Machine Learning & Natural Language Processing,  the AI Analyst solution gives a 360 view of companies and tools that allow them to detect unique signals of interest across company financials, taxonomies and news events.

AI Suite is designed to help an organisation augment and optimise its existing workforce. We provide the tools you need to develop, train and deploy your own AI models in the cloud or your own infrastructure and plug them into your business processes.

Chat bots deployed for customer service activities. Design, delivery, implementation and constant improvement.  Substantially reduce costs whilst improving customer service.

Once delivered manage the bot in-house, with focused bot training activities.


AI Bots & Bot Managers

AI In Fraud


AI In Regulation

Design, delivery and implementation of bots.

Manage all of your bots with an integrated enterprise Bot Manager


Identify fraudulent payments in real-time.

Reference an extensive database of fraudulent transactions (more than 10 years of data history)


Automate simple tasks using Robotic Process Automation. Improve processing speeds, reduce errors, reduce costs

Using a combination of AI, Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning, dramatically reduce your horizon scanning and regulatory analysis effort. Illustrate compliancy end to end, from Regulation to Implementation


in Detail

A variety of AI led solutions focused on solving business problems and use cases

what are we offering?

Everyone is talking about AI and how it is going to change the world. However, our clients are being buried in proposals, most of which are irrelevant to their business model and have little if any beneficial application.

Artificial Intelligence: Applied, is a tailored offering that involves working with our clients to offer them solutions that leverage the best of AI, but focused on their business needs and driven by a specific use case.

who will it benefit?

Senior business leaders who are looking to improve the efficiency of a specific business area or process with the use of automation and/or artificial intelligence.

Typical clients to date have included large banks and brokerages, working with individuals who are responsible for call centre operations, other operationally intensive processing activities, or large order taking and price consolidation activities.

what we do…

“We partner with the best AI focused companies and apply our financial markets expertise to business driven use cases”

David Aston, CEO, Infinium