Regulate non-essential smart device functionality in restricted areas.

Help employees to be more productive at work


Restrict access to smart phones in the work place

Infinium has partnered with a company that has developed security and compliance technology that restricts the functionality of smart devices within defined areas of the workplace.

Utilising a non-invasive combination of proprietary cutting-edge technologies, the solution offers Mobile Device and App Management software to define restricted areas of the workplace and regulate the smart devices within them.

Benefits include:

(a) Alignment with security and compliance policies
(b) A beneficial impact on workplace productivity by removing the ability for employees to access un-authorised functionality on their smart devices

in Detail

Control phone access, in a smart way

what are we offering?

Nowadays staff access smart phones on a regular basis whilst at work. In some areas (such as Trading Floors), mobile phones have been banned, to prevent insider trading and to ensure a complete focus on the task in hand.

Restricted access technology enables companies to control which apps can be accessed by staff, by location. This means that all staff will be compliant based on their physical location, removing the accidental risk of the use of a device and certain applications and features (such as a camera).


who will it benefit?

  • Compliance departments can be certain that policy is not being breached
  • Staff members cannot breach policy by accident 
  • Senior management no longer have to worry that staff ‘might’ be in breach of policy
  • The organisation as a whole, as productivity increases, and distractions are removed from the work place



“Once thrown off track, it can take some 23 minutes for a worker to return to the original task”

Gloria Mark, Professor of Informatics University of California