Regulation As A Service


Achieve a 90% reduction in regulatory analysis time and cost –  using artificial intelligence and machine learning 

The challenge not only relates to delivering regulation across the organisation, but also then maintaining it, illustrating traceability and ensuring organisational compliance


Introducing Regulation As A Service

Infinium has partnered with a revolutionary platform provider that uses Artificial Intelligence to help you manage the Regulatory landscape more efficiently and effectively. Dramatically reduce the time you spend on regulatory analysis. Reduce the cost of horizon scans and the use of external consultants. Achieve a dramatic reduction in policy management costs.






Demonstrate an end to end audit trail, from regulatory requirement to implementation. Extract data from more than 270,000 sources, with the data then being tagged, structured and compiled into requirements. Receive daily updates on key words & key regulation specific to your business area and needs. Convert all of this into Regulation As A Service.



Turbo charge your requirements management process


Improve your horizon scanning

Offer in-depth insight


Offer a 24/7 regulatory chat bot service


Turbo charge your requirements management process

Achieve a 90% reduction in regulatory analysis time and cost

Achieve a 50% reduction in policy management costs


Improve your horizon scanning

Source data from more than 270,000 unique sources

Dramatically accelerate your time to market, providing the latest in regulatory intelligence to your teams and clients

Offer in-depth insight into specific regulation, business areas and product lines

Provide updates to groups by e-mail, accelerate the production of newsletters and white papers


Develop a series of regulatory chat bot services based on the regulatory data

Reduce cost, whilst also offering a range of additional services to both clients and internal staff


in Detail

Cutting Edge Artificial Intelligence To Help You Manage Your Regulatory Agenda

what are we offering?

1. Single point of truth

Each compliance element is stored as a record and can be updated, commented, controlled and audited individually.

2. Compliance Library

50+ policies and controls, mapped to industry frameworks, easily customisable to enable you to meet your regulatory obligations

3. Natural Language Processing

Automatically update your projects and team members with our industry leading regulatory updates feed.

4. Dependency Linking

Easily see and maintain links between policies and within projects.

5.Reporting & Auditability

Internal and external auditors can, in real time, see fulfillment of obligations and compliancy.

who will it benefit?

Regulatory and Compliance professionals working at major Financial Institutions

CxO level executives that wish to fully understand their organisations’ compliance

Audit departments, who want to see a complete end to end history of how a specific regulation has been applied throughout the Program development life-cycle. Audit reports can be automated

Program and Project managers, who have the responsibility to deliver and then maintain, complex regulatory change

Law firms who offer horizon scanning services to financial institutions


in summary

Daily regulatory compliance reports. Map  policies to multiple frameworks. Make data available to all stakeholders, with no versioning issues. Understand the various dependencies between regulation all presented real time”