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Process Automation & Robotisation


The latest Artificial Intelligence technology that can be used to automate and optimise our clients operational processing


Senior Executives are constantly looking at ways to optimise their client service capabilities, whilst at the same time cutting costs – do more with less

Infinium has partnered with a best in class AI & data consultancy.

The intelligent automation platform combines AI, machine learning and cloud computing to deliver scalable operational automation in just 8 weeks.

It works with your existing systems and doesn’t require an army of data scientists or IT consultants to implement.

Eliminate complex, manual tasks that involve data analysis and multiple systems. If you have manual processes which use data to drive decisions and trigger actions, we can help.

The flexible platform enables automation throughout your business often connecting disparate systems and divisions for the first time.


in Detail

Intelligent, specific automation

what are we offering?

A platform that can be applied in multiple ways:

1 – To enhance and optimise the customer journey (for example when applying for a loan)

2 – For control purposes. Using an ontology to map your rules and keep your processes in line with the latest regulation 

3 – Automate case work. The intelligent agent will process cases automatically, increasing efficiency and cutting cost

who will it benefit?

The platform can be used to automate any process within an organisation. Operational Heads, Chief Finance and Risk Officers and any Senior Executive looking to include the Client Experience will be interested. An organisation with a cost management agenda can also reap large cost savings from robotisation.


Maximise STP processing. Reduce the operational burden