valuable insights into your most valued asset – your employees

people analytics


People analytics is finally coming of age after years in the shadow of its commercial, marketing, and finance peers


So what is people analytics?

People analytics is the practice of extracting information from data on your employees to solve business problems. It uses both people data and business data to provide enriched insights into the workforce, how it operates, how much it costs, and how it changes over time.

Too often though, organisations spend an inordinate amount of time battling with data quality and struggling to conduct analytics using their HCM system, which provides little insight because it doesn’t have all the data sources needed. Consequently, the business produces analytics for HR, rather than people analytics for the organisation overall, which then delivers strategic impact.

in Detail

Quickly aggregate and cleanse data from multiple sources, freeing up time to analyse data and answer questions for the business. Produce workforce insights against any dimension, such as gender pay gap, headcount costs by team, function or business unit, or additional organisational analysis

what are we offering?


  • Connect and cleanse workforce data from multiple sources with simple copy-and-paste imports and drag-and-drop updates

  • Build a reliable data foundation in hours, not weeks




    • Access a wide range of dynamic charts to visualize data and reveal unseen patterns and trends.

    • Analyse using any dimension, such as gender, payroll, tenure, engagement, or performance for data-driven decision-making.


    Plan effectively for change by easily creating clones and visualising the impact on organisational structure, headcount, costs, and skills across different scenarios.

    get control of your work force..

    How it’s organised, how it operates, and how it can do better. For the first time, HR, Finance, and the business can come together to plan the future organisation, ensuring the workforce is aligned to the operating strategy.