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Payment fraud



A solution that is built on more than 10 years of payment transaction data. Detect fraud using powerful machine learning algorithms, in REAL TIME

Trusted By Law Enforcement Agencies

Trusted by the worlds largest law enforcement agencies, both in Europe and the U.S.

Data Driven Fraud Score

A data driven fraud score, provided in less than 100 milliseconds and based on more than 10 years of transaction data

Latest A.I & Machine Learning Technology

Built using the latest A.I and Machine Learning techniques. Dramatically improve the end user experience and improve fraud detection

in Detail

Trusted by EU Enforcement Agencies

what are we offering?

 A platform that can:

Check Transactions in real-time: Merchants can check transactions for fraud overlap in the database in several ways; Manual searches, uploading batch files, or integrating an API. API integrations can be done directly or, as is most common, through a Payment Service Provider.

Apply A Hybrid Scoring Model; apply a hybrid scoring model to define the fraud risk of your transactions. Firstly, in the rule-base scoring, the user can manually set the weight of all different elements and checks. In addition, machine learning algorithms complement the analysis

Apply A Customised Score; Clients decide the thresholds for each parameter to trigger an alert, and what business rules are applicable

Support Manual Research; The decision is always up to the merchant. By logging on to the online environment, fraud analysts can use a variety of tools to dig into the specifics of this case and gather intelligence

how does it work?

The data lake has been built over more than 10 years,  by  industry peers creating a massive database of fraud intelligence.

The fraud platform can be used independently, but is also positioned as a readily available option in conjunction with every major screening solution.

Complementing existing processes with access to the platform, enriches the accuracy of the fraud score which is backed up by more than 10 years of fraud intelligence history.

Beyond the automated filtering and scoring, the solution provides extensive information to our clients’ when undertaking manual research into fraud cases.

The platform also supports the investigation of related cases and their unique characteristics, and even entire networks of fraud attempts that have been identified and recorded, Globally. As the community is entirely built on trust and communication, the owner of the record can be contacted for more information on a specific case.


An extensive (10 years+) database of fraud related data that is already used extensively across the airline industry in collaboration with many of the worlds law enforcement agencies

David Aston, CEO, Infinium


We are based in Amsterdam, but also quite often in London

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