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Innovation focused on Financial Markets & Services


We regularly organise innovation focused events that focus on the successful design and implementation of game-changing use cases for the Financial Services industry


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Innovation Live

Innovation Live is our annual innovation event held in Q4. We invite 130 executives from the Financial Markets & Services sector to an event with industry leading firms and speakers. Focused on specific technologies and use cases, we illustrate how we can dramatically change Financial Services. In 2019 the event focused on a variety of topics that included Reg Tech, Compliance, Intelligent Automation, Fintech card offerings, Digital & Artificial Intelligence, as well as Idea Management and rapid product and service design.  Watch this short film that introduces you to the speakers and the 2019 event. 

Our Venues

The Disruption Hall

The Cuddle Puddle

Our Offices

A large 130 seater venue (with capacity to hold up to 250 people), the Disruption Hall at the Amsterdam Epicentre is ideal for our innovation focused events

The Cuddle Puddle is a cool break-out location designed for more intimate sessions, be they focused on rapid service design, or specific topics such as using Regulatory Technology for compliance

With offices in the ZuidAs, we are based in the heart of the Netherlands Financial Services industry, 7 minutes from Schiphol and a few minutes walk away from the major banks, insurers and asset managers

Innovation Breakfasts

Innovation Breakfasts are aimed at smaller groups, usually client focused on a specific topic. Innovation breakfasts are monthly events. Over the next 6 months we will be focusing on:

– Payment Fraud – Instant Payments = Instant Fraud

– Reg Tech and Compliance

– Intelligent Automation