Cutting Edge Innovation

Offered in partnership with Clustre
The Innovation Brokers

Our clients are being bombarded by thousands of new Fintech start-ups, all offering the latest in tech innovation. Working with Clustre, Infinium has a developed focused offering, that delivers a Best In Class, independent portfolio of 30+ pre-selected companies

Helping save our clients time and money

Introducing Clustre

Infinium has agreed a partnership with Clustre, The Innovation Brokers,  to bring the latest techological innovation to The Netherlands.

These companies that are usually small, specialist, game-changers, are the artists in innovation. The snag is, they’re often invisible…too small and specialised to blip the radar of global companies.¬†

The centre of gravity has shifted. Really clever business solutions are now being delivered by nimble, niche firms. Robert Baldock, Clustre

Clustre has an extensive client list that includes a number of large Blue Chip Financials.

Find out more about our unique Innovation As A Service offering that will help you accelerate your innovation strategy.