Groundbreaking innovation led consulting. Drive extensive transformation, at speed, in your business


Undertake product & service re-design at pace. Transform your business, and become the disruptor, not the disrupted

Infinium works closely with Fluxx. Fluxx are a product and service innovation company, focused on creating, experimenting and scaling new ideas – blending commercial and creative expertise, Fluxx’s collaborative approach transforms ways of working across organisations. 

The combination of cutting edge innovation techniques, combined with the Infinium pool of subject matter experts in Finance (our Innovate+ offering), mean that we are able to offer an innovation team that can drive real and meaningful change at the heart of our clients business


Solutions designed with evidence, creating propositions people want, ensuring a repeatable model for innovation for our clients

what are we offering?

Innovation with content. A unique combination of innovation experts (cross industry) and subject matter experts (Financial services focused)

Learn by doing. We build functioning  products to test our process – to make sure what we’re doing with clients is really productive and useful
Data-focused. Part of every project work today is an understanding of the impact of data. Whether that’s big and computational, like using machine learning to spot potential hazards on thousands of construction sites worldwide; or small and personal, like understanding customers through in-depth interviews about their use of a service

who will it benefit?

Innovation leaders within Banks, Insurers, Pension Funds and Asset Managers

Business leaders, who want to drive transformative change in their organisation

Staff, who get involved in the innovation process, and see their ideas and suggestions taken from concept to implementation

Clients, who benefit from a new service or product


in summary

In all our projects we work shoulder-to-shoulder with our clients. We don’t disappear for three weeks and build a shiny thing – we work with existing staff and teams to develop and test new propositions and equip them with the tools and mindset to stay close to customers long after our project is launched