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subject matter experts to drive your innovation



Business expertise that compliments your innovation efforts. Ensuring that solutions align with the end business and can be integrated into the existing business lines and client offerings


Business expertise applied to innovation

Infinium can provide experts in a variety of business areas, such as Financial Markets and Commercial Banking. These business experts compliment your existing team and innovation effort, ensuring that the solutions align with the business strategy, and reducing the risk of ’tissue rejection’ that can occur when trying to re-integrate a transformational product or service into the existing business

in Detail

Business expertise that ensures less ”tissue rejection”

what are we offering?

Innovate+ helps our clients to scale their innovation efforts. We are also able to provide subject matter experts, who help add value with extensive knowledge of specific business and product areas.

Benefits include: 

  • Subject matter expertise in a specific business area, e.g. Lending
  • Experienced project and Program managers, who are able to drive your innovation activities and sell them to the business
  • Momentum and relevance that help avoid ’tissue rejection’ when the new innovative solution is integrated into the existing business

who will it benefit?

Organisations that are delivering complex and innovative initiatives for parts of their business, but are struggling to scale, are lacking real business expertise, and/or are having issues integrating the new solution into the existing business.

how does it work?

  • An initial requirements and orientation meeting to understand the issues and objectives of the specific initiative or project
  • Provision of specific skills; subject matter experts, project or program managers 
  • Delivery of the project, paying specific attention to governance, and the existing business, with the aim of getting the best from the new solution, and benefiting the organisation

what we offer…

“We have an extensive network of Program & Project Managers, as well as subject matter experts”

David Aston, CEO, Infinium