enterprise automation



We work with an intelligent automation platform that combines AI, machine learning and cloud computing to deliver scalable operational automation in just 8 weeks


Works with your existing systems

You won’t need an army of data scientists or IT consultants to implement it





We help companies access, analyse and act on data to improve performance

● Grow Revenue
● Increase Efficiency
● Improve Customer Experience
● Ensure Compliance

Our partners Intelligent Automation Platform solves
the problems that all our FI clients face




The intelligent automation platform combines AI, machine learning and cloud computing to deliver scalable Enterprise-wide operational automation in just a few weeks.

The platform is based on the following core principles:

1. Scalable Infrastructure – Public or private cloud or onsite
deployment using microservices for easy configuration

2. Dynamic Analytics – Apply machine learning techniques
to quickly analyse large volumes of data

3. Data Mining 

Ingest and transform structured and unstructured data using artificial intelligence

4. Automated Business Processes

Generate recommendations and trigger actions based on complex
business logic

Easily Automate Your Organisation

If you have manual processes which use data to drive decisions and trigger actions, we can help.

The flexible platform enables automation throughout your business often connecting disparate systems and divisions for the first time.

Need some inspiration, check out some of the ways we can help. And if your specific problem isn’t listed, let’s chat.

Case Studies


Complex Catalogue Optimisation

1.3 Billion
Listings analysed monthly
207 Million
Recommendations per month
Increase in average sales vs. forecast in 35 days


Supply Chain Automation

  • Real Time Order processing instead of a 90 mins delay 
  • 50% Projected decrease in food waste
  • 8 Days From concept to live production


Easy Analysis

  • Accelerate insurance recoveries process &      automate the regulatory review process
  • Confirm use of prescribed language or scripts in
    telephone sales
  • Track response times to requests via the portal
  • Monitor Training & Competency Records

The 3 a’S

Access, Analyse, Act – a structured approach to intelligent automation


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