award winning app design & development



One of the most experienced smartphone software companies in the world, having built 300+ premium quality Apps


Apps and platforms that are some of the most widely used, and most loved in the world. In fact, you are probably a happy customer already

Infinium has partnered with a best in class app developer.

Offerings include:

(a) Digital Strategy
(b) UX & Design
(c) Native App Development
(d  Front end web development
(e) Platform development

in Detail

Working with top tier, global customers to deliver groundbreaking platforms

what are we offering?



Digital projects are best executed in the context of overall business strategy. Explore and outline programmes of work to hit your targets


A broad technical capability to deliver web front end interfaces using ReactJS for consumer facing sites, or rich administrative consoles.


The premium UX & Design team has won multiple awards & recognition for the high quality of their contributions to our projects.  User research and usability testing expertise can also be provided.




Scalable middle-tier and API development, data warehousing, test driven agile development, hosting and social media integration.


The development teams for iOS and Android are among the most experienced in the world, spending considerable amounts of company resources to ensure we are up to date with the latest trends and smartphone capabilities.


Extensive experience in running agile software projects. Give your project maximum flexibility, without affecting delivery. Comprehensive QA services to ensure the final delivery is of top quality.

what we do…

Project teams made up of designers, developers, QA and other roles work together to move products forward