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benchmark your digital strategy & practices

digital Scan


Assessments to help drive your digital strategy


Interview based assessments supported by extensive experience in delivering digital @scale

Are your teams struggling to move at pace and scale?

Concerned about how competitors seem to be able to deliver more effectively and efficiently?

Aware of issues, but unable to move forward?

Or simply looking to benchmark yourselves against competitors and best practice?

Infinium, in collaboration with our specialist partner, are able to offer an independent assessment of your digital strategy and practices, scoring each against a pre-defined maturity model


Quick Scan

A 3 hour workshop with your team leads, to explain the process and to give you insight into the 5 levels of maturity and the characteristics of each level

Focused Assessment

A 2 week assessment involving your team leads and key staff members.  Focused on 10 key areas that underpin your digital strategy and approach

Deep Dive

A detailed presentation that includes insights and recommendations.  Focuses on one or more of the weaknesses identified as part of the assessment 

how mature is your digital strategy?

Emerging, foundation, scaling, high performing or innovative? Where does your organisation sit on the Digital Maturity Scale?

what we do…

We are able to offer extensive experience of delivering large scale transformation and digital @scale. The assessments leverage our knowledge helping you to drive your digital strategy forward