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Award winning solutions delivered in partnership with a market leading blockchain specialist


We help our clients maximise Blockchain 

Infinium has partnered with a best in class blockchain focused company. The team has been at the cutting edge of the blockchain space since its early inception.

They have developed and delivered many of the world’s firsts, including:

  • The 1st for Trade Finance for a Global clearing house
  • The 1st international transfer of humanitarian aid 
  • The 1st blockchain based system to transact energy
  • The 1st UK Government approved blockchain 
  • One of the first blockchain projects used in the FCA sandbox

Our Blockchain Services & Offerings

Agnostic Blockchain Framework

Blockchain Advisory

When using blockchain in the enterprise, a cryptocurrency-based technology isn’t going to cut it. Instead, we have been building an agnostic blockchain framework that gets out of your way and lets you concentrate on what’s important for your business, rather than arcane technical details.

We can help your business evaluate, implement, and integrate blockchain technology into your tech stack. Our partner team has been working in blockchain since 2010 and has worked with hundreds of startups, SMEs, and large corporates on blockchain-enabled projects.

in Detail

Cutting edge Blockchain experience

what are we offering?

Working in Partnership with a best in class Blockchain specialist firm, our Blockchain offering consists of a number of components:


  • Blockchain consultancy and advice


  • Delivery of Blockchain technology, that will integrate seamlessly with your existing architecture

who will it benefit?

Senior Executives in Financial Institutions and Fintechs that are looking to build a blockchain platform in order to support their business goals.

Parallel, to delivering world- firsts, our partner has also a proven track record of high quality delivery with well known multi-national organisations that have included; LVMH, Rolex, Piaget and a peer to peer crowdfunding platform that raised over $1.5bn in 2017.

Trusted by government…

“Our specialist partner works with the House of Commons and Lords in the UK and are represented on various working groups, featuring regularly in Government publications, and helping various UK Government bodies to develop their views on blockchain