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A range of consultancy services from general advisory to overall strategy and implementation support


From strategic consulting through to data studies and deployment, we work with clients, end to end, to deliver their AI capability


Our focus is to ensure our enterprise clients build differentiation through the use of AI technologies by growing internal capability

This includes AI Education, Strategy & Road mapping, through our formal “AI-101” Education Series, or through our innovation and design workshops. With our partners AI focused offering, we are able to help our clients design an AI roadmap, which will develop into a competitive advantage for their business

With the use of ‘accelerators’ we are able to offer a super-agile process designed to explore data assets and business applications, allowing a business to “Speedboat it’s AI Innovation”.

Typically run on a monthly cadence, this involves Data Study and PoC “twin” projects to test hypothesis and make rapid go/no-go decisions.

Experts work hand in hand with our clients internal teams

With this approach we are able to help business, IT and data science disciplines combine to accelerate the training, deployment and industrialisation of Machine Learning within our clients’ organisation

Accelerated Delivery

Our accelerated AI innovation process, brings about creativity & agility in our clients’ AI programs.

in Detail

A certified Google Cloud Partner with proven Data Engineering and Architecture capabilities, the team is a recommended Google expert for Chatbot and Machine Learning applications

what are we offering?

Everyone is talking about AI and how it is going to change the world. However, our clients are being buried in proposals, most of which are irrelevant to their business model and have little if any beneficial application.

Artificial Intelligence: Applied, is a tailored offering that involves working with our clients to offer them solutions that leverage the best of AI, but focused on their business needs and driven by a specific use case.

who will it benefit?

Senior business leaders who are looking to improve the efficiency of a specific business area or process with the use of automation and/or artificial intelligence.

Typical clients to date have included large banks and brokerages, working with individuals who are responsible for call centre operations, other operationally intensive processing activities, or large order taking and price consolidation activities.

what we do…

“We partner with the best AI focused companies and apply our financial markets expertise to business driven use cases”

David Aston, CEO, Infinium